Friday, 26 July 2019

Holiday prep!

It's been a busy old week - with a day trip to Cornwall to celebrate early with this one. Granny will be 96 on Saturday, we'll be on an aeroplane, so we brought forward the celebrations with fish and chips for lunch and chocolate caterpillar cake for pud!

I love seeing Sam and Granny together, he's now a giant!!

It was lovely, although brief to see her x

Here's wishing her an early happiest of birthdays x

Sophie, Sam and I all finished work on Wednesday and Sophie and I decided on Thursday, the hottest day of the year, that we ought to start the packing!! I've done lots of bits and pieces before but we lay it all out together 'tit for tat' and then I end up doing the actual packing bit, performing a minor miracle and getting it all into the actual case!!

This is the Villa! Hoping it's as lovely when we get there!
There's always that bit of trepidation about what you will find but all the photo's have recently been updated on the listing and it does look lovely - will share on our return xx

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zzoe said...

buone vacanze!!!!