Friday, 24 January 2020

Cold and frosty, at last!!

Finally! A proper blue sky, crisp, clear, cold and frosty morning.

In fact 3 days in a row......

....that the car had to be scraped before the school run!

We did suffer slightly with fog, the mists rose until the sun burnt through but boy, doesn't it make you feel good to see the sun shine!?!

I'm still looking for signs, signs of hope that better, lighter, brighter days are ahead. The weeks certainly are whizzing by, just one more week of January to navigate our way through.

I've had a busy morning before work, been a busy bee in the kitchen. My sister and I are off to Cornwall tomorrow, to go and see Granny. So I've made apple, pear and blackberry crumbles for pud and her freezer. Her favourite ginger cake, cookies for Jeff and Sam, as I'm not around tomorrow to bake them and when I get back from work, I'll prep lunch to take with us tomorrow.

It's all go!!

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