Saturday, 11 January 2020

Signs of spring...

...are there, if you look hard enough!

Not only do I fill my house with spring flowers from New Year until Easter,
 I also continuously look for signs of Spring outside.

We've planted lots of extra bulbs this year, so hoping they'll provide that splash of colour and provide that much needed nudge to sunnier, warmer times ahead.

I've also been filling the house with plants. 
My new IKEA purchase, bought when taking Sophie back to Reading.

Jeff and Sam are now back at work/school and so the school run resumes. Early alarms, still dark, no motivation to go out in the cold but I'm still giving Sam one journey a day, to or from school, to get in some driving practice. One extra bonus has been witnessing the most incredible starling murmurations on our morning runs. 8am on a dull, grey January morning is seemingly when they fly out from the reed beds and give me something to smile about, as I sit passenger in a cold car.

Wednesday was the last night sharing the sofa with this one.....

...... before performing a mini miracle, getting all this stuff packed in to the boot of the Micra!
 It amazes me what one girl needs for 3 weeks!!

Last night's Wolf Moon!

Life will now begin to slot back into a steady routine, now Sophie is back in Reading and we start the 5 week countdown to her coming back for a few days during reading week. Sam has Mocks next week, we're already calling them out to be a good baseline/starting point for some serious focus now in the weeks ahead. I'm just trying to gently drip the idea of passing, rather than re-sitting into his mind. We've already agreed to him taking a gap year next year, regardless of his grades. He's not applied to any Uni's but I want him to enjoy that year, rather than having to re-sit his exams, so now is the time to start applying a little bit of effort. Like actually start doing something, anything, beyond the bare minimum requirement!!!!

I'm also trying to get back into a healthier routine. Trying to get back to making good PCOS friendly food choices too and will try to walk daily, even if it is just once around the block!

I will look for signs of Spring as I walk.....
First snowdrops spotted on my walk today x

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