Monday, 27 January 2020

Day Tripper's

So on Saturday, my sister, niece and I went to Cornwall and back... visit Granny!

She's not been great lately and although it's a trek, it brightens her day and lifts her mood, gives her something to look forward to. She doesn't get her 'Meals on Wheels' on the weekend, so I went down with everything required to make a delicious lunch, plus a few leftovers.

We are very lucky to still have Grandparents and the children a Great Grandparent, 
to spend time with. 

Anyway, we had a lovely day, popped in to see Mum and Dad too, before heading on home. I worked all day yesterday, I'm in even earlier now, as I've been tasked with counting and refilling all the tills! My 'turn up, do my time, go home, no responsibilities job' is becoming a little more, it seems!!

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