Saturday, 18 April 2020


So week four of LOCKDOWN nearly completed!! 

The week I should have been taking Sophie back to Uni. We were meant to be going to London on the Wednesday, with me staying over for a couple of days, getting her sorted before returning home on the Thursday. I'd booked Friday as holiday to recover but decided to take it anyway, a chance to recharge and just take a break from work. She received some good news, confirmation that her Placement Year will still be going ahead. To be fair, given all that's going on, there will be plenty of statistics to analyse but it's a big relief!!

The forecast was good, so I've spent time out in the garden, reading!

Day one of my mini holiday

I baked cookies, enjoyed my Boris walk and spent every moment possible out in the garden.

I had to pick up a prescription on Thursday morning, queuing 2m apart being the new norm!

And at 8pm I clapped, cheered and applauded our fabulous NHS. I must say it was more resounding tonight, it's been a bit lacklustre previously, so it was good to hear the cheers of support and appreciation from our neighbours too. I can't even begin to imagine what they must be going through at this moment in time.

We have so much to be thankful for. The LOCKDOWN has been extended for another three weeks and if I were to bet, I'd be thinking a further 3 weeks after that, maybe with a few less restrictions. But who knows, it all depends on how well people continue to self isolate and socially distance. My friend in France said it was stricter there, I wish it was here, too many people aren't following the guidelines and we could be here, for what seems like forever!!

Day two of my mini holiday

I haven't hated Lockdown, in fact it's been lovely being together. Yes, Sophie and Sam bicker, yes I miss my days out, shopping, meeting friends for coffee but we've been treated to the most gorgeous weather and like most things in life, if you look for the positives, however small, life isn't so bad x

Friday, we woke to rain. It had been forecast but to be fair the garden needed it and the plants always look super green and alive at this time of year in the rain.  

Day three of my mini holiday

We still managed a 'BorisWalk' in fact I dragged them both out for some fresh air in between the showers. I gave Sam a trim and tidied up my own locks!! It'll be 8 weeks next week since I've had it cut and I'm getting desperate. Goodness only knows what it will look like at the end of lockdown.

So today, Saturday, is still a little on the soggy side, my final day of my mini holiday. Tomorrow it's back to it, normal hours for the next four weeks at least. It's really not so bad, it's just I just do 2x 8hr shifts on the Sunday and Monday in a supervisor/runner role, it's a lot more responsibility with no extra pay and I'll be honest, I find it a little more stressful to be fair. 

Day four of my mini holiday

So I've made the most of my last full day off, lie in, food shop, chat to my Granny, then baked scones which we had for lunch - yum! Caught up with my sister over the phone, been out on my 'Boris Walk' with Sam and Jeff today. The fields are full of dandelion heads.....

 ....blow and make a million wishes x

Have a good week x

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