Saturday, 4 April 2020


 Pinch and a punch......

..... farewell March.....

....hello April.....

.....and week 2 of Lockdown!!!

When I look back at March, I can remember feeling this was going to happen. When we visited Sophie at the start of the month, we joked about not going due to Corona Virus. The first death had actually been recorded in Reading the day before! The following weekend Sam and I went to Bristol and it was eerily quiet first thing, it sort of felt wrong to be there. Fast forward to the following weekend and a cancelled trip to meet up with a friend, with the country going into LOCKDOWN on the Monday evening. The sad thing is cancelling plans, things you've looked forward to. Jeff and I had been going to see the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra play in Bath, he and his brother were meeting up in the week to see JCC a punk poet, tickets gifted at christmas. Jeff was to be doing the Easter revision courses this week in school, instead he's had a list of jobs from me, to work his way through.

We may be missing all these lovely days out but the internet has rewarded us with fun, positive, uplifting songs, dance routines, musical performances, to keep us going...

On my day off, I took on the new role as family barber!! Jeff was pretty pleased with his cut, although Sam's outcome a little more dubious. He insisted on a Buzz Cut, now never to be repeated again and no photo's to be taken for the duration!! (not my fault!!)

Work is still stressful but it has improved. We've new 'sneeze guards' on the checkouts, there's a limited in and out policy. As of today, there's a one person, one trolley, one household policy being enforced. Limits are being lifted, so sensible, efficient shopping can be encouraged. Customers are being made to observe the 2m distancing rule, for their own safety and ours! Some people still don't get it. I spent four hours on self scan yesterday, wiping down each till, keypad, touchscreen, basket handle after every use. It amazes me that a single purchase of one pack of sushi, one bar of chocolate, one bottle of ginger beer, is essential shopping, worth potentially risking your life for!?! Might sound dramatic but supermarkets see the greatest mix of people at this time of self isolation. The potential for the virus to spread is huge. Shop efficiently, get food for the next 4/5 days, get in and out as quickly and safely as possible, then stay at home, not pop back in because you've forgotten something, that can wait until the next time!!

We are doing all of this to support the fabulous NHS, who quite frankly must be exhausted! Clapping for a couple of minutes on a Thursday evening, is just a small show of appreciation for everything they are doing right now.

I'm still fitting in my yoga, when I can and going for a daily walk, with either Sophie or Sam in tow!!

The weather has been on our side in all of this, makes spending time out in the garden most enjoyable and this makes me so happy. My fig tree is leafing up and is full of new figs forming.

I picked all the fallen daffodils from the garden, to enjoy inside. Last autumn Jeff planted loads of mixed daffodil bulbs, so it's been lovely to see all the different blooms as they open. 

Jeff and I have spent a worthwhile half an hour this morning re-potting all my houseplants. That's one job that's been on the to do list for ages ticked off!

So I've a day off today then two 8hr shifts ahead of me! It's felt quite daunting going in to work, not knowing what to expect and I've looked forward to my time off, my allotted hour of daily fresh air. I do appreciate, more than ever, where we live and how lucky we are to live in a rural area.

So as the sun goes down on another week, I'm thankful to be fit and healthy in a time when others are fighting for their lives. My routines haven't changed greatly, other than feeling more stressed and anxious about having to go to work. I urge others to take this seriously, stay home, stay safe and help stop the spread of this awful Virus.


Have a good week, take care of yourselves, stay home and stay safe x


Allotment11 said...

Hello Becky
Many thanks for your continuing blog. I have been reading since the early Dots and Spots days and feel I know your family and yourself well. This is the first time I’ve commented, but felt I had to write.
I needed to say a big thank you for all you’re doing at Sainsbury’s. ALL essential workers deserve our thanks and you are part of that. If we all acted with consideration for others we would get through these dreadful times with much less stress.
Take care and keep safe

dots and spots said...

Thank you for taking the time to comment and for sticking with my ramblings over the years, you deserve a medal yourself x Work has been stressful but now new measures have been put in place, it does feel safer. I've just enjoyed a few, much needed days off but back to it tomorrow. Sadly I feel this will be the 'new norm' for a while. Happy Easter Allotment11 x