Sunday, 12 April 2020


Lockdown week three, very nearly done!
Despite being enforced to stay at home, the time time is passing quickly.

I've changed my hours around at work, a 6am alarm on Tuesday meant I got to enjoy this view but it also meant a shuffle around of my days and resulted in.....

....3 consecutive days off together.
Three much needed days off, to completely switch off and recharge.

Obviously we've no plans, nowhere to go but I like staying at home. It's probably what we would have done anyway. Possibly a day trip to Cornwall to see Mum and Dad and Granny, possibly a meet up with my sister in Bath, whilst out on a shopping trip but in all honesty, we do like to be at home!

The weather has been glorious, just like summer. I've been pretending I'm abroad, I've even read a book, which I only ever do when on 'proper holiday'. I've been spending all my time out in the garden, suncream on, book in hand and relax, just what I needed. 

I've been out on my daily 'Boris Walk' with either Sophie or Sam in tow. We've lived in Street 5 years this summer and I'm discovering new bits I didn't even know existed, whilst out on my daily walks.

We've been eating Al Fresco, both lunch and tea out in the garden. The temperature is due to drop tomorrow, so I'm making the most of it while we can. It's coincided with the Easter Weekend and it's been fabulous.

Day One - Good Friday

Hot Cross Buns, fish on Good Friday, chocolate cake - all the Easter traditions.

Day Two - Easter Saturday

More Hot Cross Buns, beautiful sunshine, family time x

Day Three - Easter Sunday 

Eggs for lunch, roast for tea, chocolate for pud!!

Happy Easter x

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