Saturday, 19 September 2020

A busy week, all round!

So the week didn't get off to a great start, with Sam rolling over on his ankle and badly spraining it. Sophie and I had to go and collect Sam and the car, as he couldn't drive, couldn't weight bear, couldn't work!!! So the perfect gift, extra time to do Physics revision!!!

I worked Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, always seems full on, head down, get on with it....

...then on Wednesday I went to Bristol. Quick visit to IKEA to replace a broken chair, then a visit to WEX the camera shop. I've been doing lots of research and basically I'm treating myself to a new camera for my 50th. Poor Liam got the unenviable task of talking through all my options and although there were far superior cameras to choose from, I went for one that I could envisage myself using and it literally came down to size! Maybe that's a blog post in it's own right, when I have a little more time.

I spent the afternoon out in the garden enjoying the warm sunshine before it disappears.

And then in the evening Jeff and I made a mad dash after his Spanish lesson, to the top of Walton Hill to catch the setting sun. Hop along came with us, trying to walk a little more!

So with my new camera, I've been having a little play!


....and sunflowers!

I'm sharing any camera pics over on a new Instagram account @peapics50 
If you're interested, go take a look. There aren't very many yet!!

Anyway this morning I managed to tick something off my Bucket List, 
something I've wanted to do for years... 
....stand in a field of Sunflowers!! It was simply stunning!

One of my colleagues at work shared a local event on Facebook, a Pick Your Own Sunflowers weekend at Thurloxton Farm. It was only half an hour away and I'm so glad Sophie and I made the effort to go. It was £5 to enter and pick 6 stems per adult. Any further stems was a donation to charity. Poor Sophie ended up carrying them all and they got to be quite heavy, so I could take 1000's of photo's!!

Head over to my Instagram account to see more.

And now my house is full of sunflowers, 3 vases to be precise and they look stunning. 
So tomorrow it's back to work and my new hours. I've dropped my Friday and am now working just the Sunday 8hrs, Monday 8hrs, Tuesday 6hrs. I'm hoping it'll be easier to switch off from work when I'm not there, as I was finding it hard and quite stressful. Finger's crossed this'll do the trick. 
Anyway here's hoping we all have a good week ahead xx 

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