Saturday, 26 September 2020

Good to have around x

A huge positive to come out of the pandemic and current situation that we're in, is time with my boy. Sophie is always a willing partner in crime but Sam? he'd rather be up in his room on his computer or out with his mates. When we were in proper lockdown and the only 'allowed' activity was one walk a day, Sam would join me for our daily 'Boris Walk' as he termed it. When we were allowed to travel to exercise, we went just up the road to the Poldens, just 5 minutes from the house but a fabulous place on our doorstep to walk and explore. Sam is currently taking a Gap Year, he's sharing his time between working up at school and revising for his A Level resit in a couple of weeks time.

To give him a break from work, I persuaded him to come out for a walk. Hoping we'll make it a weekly thing. He too is interested in photography, so used it as an excuse to try out my new camera too.

We have no idea who took which shot, as we were each taking turns to use the camera, but between the two of us we didn't do too badly. I'm very much still in automatic mode, will be for a while, so very much still point and press and hope for the best but we got some good photos.


The most perfect toadstool

Autumn colours

You can see more pics over at @peapics50

In other news this week, I cleaned the kitchen floor with my new steam mop. My old mop stopped steaming and wasn't really cleaning very much, so my new one makes the job a lot easier. Serves me right being lucky enough to have such a big kitchen, so much floor to clean!

I'm still picking the late raspberries, a random strawberry and a few beans.

It does suddenly feel very autumnal, with a slight chill in the air. We've enjoyed a little burst of sunshine but it looks like it's about to turn wet from the middle of next week, timed to perfection for my time off from work! I am thinking of getting myself National Trust membership though, to open up more places to explore and photograph. There are a few places near here Sam and I could go to during the week, when it would be quieter and a few coastal car parks would then be free. I'm trying to make the best of the current situation and giving myself places and spaces to explore, a way to open up more experiences whilst staying close to home. Have a good week x


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