Saturday, 12 September 2020

First conker!!

I've found my first conker of the year, always worth noting!

In fact I'd say it's most autumnal. I took myself off out for a walk the other day and there were signs of Autumn everywhere and still some late warm sunshine.

Sam and I were supposed to be in Prague this week, so I've kept the time off work, I need a break away from it all. In fact I've just changed my hours, so in future I'll only be working 3 days.

So with a little time off, Sophie and I headed over to Bath on Tuesday, hoping for it to be quieter. It was to begin with but steadily built as the day went on, so we headed home after lunch. Shopping is no longer the fun activity it used to be. You can't touch anything, try anything on, you can't linger, you're constantly looking over your shoulder to make sure people aren't too close. I think unless I really need something, I won't be shopping until things improve.

On Wednesday, the day finally arrived.....

....for Sophie to start her new job. 
Working from home sadly, not quite the experience she was hoping for but for now, it's still happening and she has a job for the year.

Sam and I decided to spend Thursday together, up on the Polden Way. It wasn't strolling over the King Charles Bridge or sipping a beer at some pavement cafe in Prague but we did enjoy a packed lunch with a view....

..... and a lovely couple of hours walking and talking

Took some fab photos along the way too.

I actually went out out in the evening!! I met a friend for a meal, got chauffeured by Sophie, so I got to enjoy a couple of drinks too. It was so lovely and a much needed catch up. Earlier in the day, news of renewed restrictions broke. It's back to being no more than 6 people inside or out. It doesn't really affect me. Sophie had been hoping to meet up with friends from Uni next weekend, which now can't happen and now Sam's friends are heading off to uni, he should be quieter anyway. He has only 4 weeks until his first Physics exam, so needs to knuckle down anyway.

So it's back to work tomorrow, the last of my old hours and last Friday! The weather forecast is wall to wall sunshine for tomorrow, typical as I return to work. I have just been out to inspect the garden and my self seeded pumpkin patch. We've 6 pumpkins, although the smaller ones are still very green, hoping the sunshine will help ripen them and it continues well into the rest of the month. Anyway, I'm heading out to the garden with a coffee and my book, making the most of the sunshine.
Have a good week x

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