Saturday, 30 January 2021


* Sigh* Week four of Lockdown life and it's starting to get a bit samey!!
The weather hasn't helped.

I worked my normal Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, it rained on Wednesday but I did get out between the showers on Thursday. Using the footpathmap website, I completed a route around the back of Walton hill, down onto the Levels, down a drove and along a rhyne - 8kms in total.

I saw starlings, swans, snowdrops, deer, more swans, daffodils in flower, reeds, colourful fungi and a robin, there's always a robin. I was surprised to see the deer and loads of swans, about 20 just in a field.

I was completely out in the middle of nowhere, following this rhyne but using the footpathmap website. You can see all the pubic paths, although as I walked through the middle of a farm yard, I did wonder whether I was in the right place!

Yesterday I parked up at the Hood Monument and headed for roads. The mud really is not much fun right now. I ended up walking down into Compton Dundon, on a circular route back up to the monument. You can access the Polden Way from the bottom, which I might do one day, when everywhere dries out a little.

I saw snowdrops.....

....and daffodils in bud.

My birthday Amaryllis is out in flower now, looking lovely.

This weekend is the RSPB Big Garden Bird Watch. I did my count yesterday thank goodness.
 It's grey, wet, blustery and generally miserable here today, not bird weather.

I'll leave you with this shot of a new visitor - a Starling.
They're not my favourite up close, much prefer to see them together in a murmaration.

Anyway here's to getting through another week, have Tuesday off, as I've holiday to use up before the new financial year starts in early March. A random day here and there is actually quite nice at the moment, even if there is nowhere to go. I keep refreshing the weather app, not that it changes anything but hope for some dry days to get out walking. Have a good week xx

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