Saturday, 6 February 2021


Wow! Lockdown 3,week 5 commenced on Wednesday!

On Monday we welcomed in the month of February....

...and said farewell to January,
 which all things considered went by pretty quickly.

I had a days holiday on Tuesday, booked to use up my holiday allocation this year. 
With nothing to do and no where to go, I went walking!!

And again on Wednesday, although the mud got the better of me and I had to turn back and abandon my intended walk. It rained on Thursday, so only managed a 'once around the block' walk in between the showers.

I've seen plenty of snowdrops out on my walks - such a hopeful sign.

It rained first thing on Friday, so I swapped my morning around and went food shopping first thing, then the sun came out and it ended up being a lovely morning. I took myself off across the fields and explored a little more of where I live.

Four fabulous views of Glastonbury Tor along the way.

Jeff walked with me today (Saturday) so we revisited my walk from yesterday,
 adding on another little bit.

I'm really ashamed of the fact that I've lived in Street nearly 6 years now and it's taken a Pandemic and 3 lockdowns, for me to get out and explore my locality. I live in the most gorgeous part on the world, have all this beautiful countryside right on my doorstep and didn't know half of it even existed!

Must promise myself to keep walking throughout all the seasons!

And we are entering one of the best seasons - Spring. I've seen so many signs out on my walks and as ever, have a few vases of daffs dotted around the house to brighten things along.

I've also been using my time to try and improve upon my bird photography. I do see improvement. I still get frustrated and need to really try and capture some birds out in the wild.....

....but for now, I'll stick with taking them from the comfort of my kitchen corner x

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