Sunday, 4 April 2021

Happy Easter

Happy Easter

Always such a happy occasion....... can it not be, when you get to eat the most delicious chocolate cake x

And get to enjoy chocolate eggs....

....and hot cross buns!!

I'll be honest, I've indulged a little too much. Have reached my crunch point, keep going as I am and see all my hard work evaporate or knuckle down, change a few habits and get things back on track!! Have recently read/am hoping to finish today 'Downsizing' by Tom Watson, the former Deputy Leader of the Labour party. He lost 8 stone and might just be the nudge I need, to motivate me to start on my mini journey ahead. If I do something now, then I'll be giving myself an easier task ahead.

Lots of positives in the garden. 
We planted a lot more bulbs this year and everywhere is looking lovely.

These were £1.50 a pot from work, how lovely do they look?

So this week, we've said farewell to March.....

...and said hello to April.

We've been treated to some wonderful blue skies and sunshine but too chill of a wind 
to be able to sit out and enjoy it.

Jeff's been busy out the front, trying to bring my idea to life!

Basically I wanted a large planter across the front of the house. A couple of years ago, he ordered these two planters from Ebay (top half of pic), not what I wanted at all. They get lost and just looked untidy. 

What I wanted, was this!!!
A chunky, meant to be there, planter!!
I'm hoping to fill it with Sunflowers at the back, geraniums and lobelia spilling over the front and then a mid height 'something' to give a bit of medium height. The plan then is to fill it with bulbs in the Autumn, ready for a fab display in Spring and then replant ready for Summer.

Saw this fabulous spring display up in the grounds of Jeff's school

In fact our whole walk was beautiful.

Perfect colour combo!!

So here's wishing you all a wonderful, sun filled Easter.
I hope you get to spend time with family if you can or just get to enjoy a little time to relax! Jeff is out refereeing a football game, Sophie came down to say good morning and has retreated to her room, Sam has yet to make an appearance!! I'm about to make myself a coffee and hot cross bun and see if it's warm enough yet to sit outside...... was (just) xx

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