Saturday, 10 April 2021

Venturing out of lockdown

As we venture out of lockdown and are now allowed to see other people, I guess some attention needs to be paid on the extra pounds gained in lockdown!! I jumped straight on board after the Easter Excess and have been trying to get myself back in to the fasting, high protein/high fat//low/no carbs and sugar regime. I need to be super strict to get myself back in the zone. It's been hard when you've had nothing to look forward to but we might be going to Greece this summer, who knows if it will go ahead but if it does I need to be ready!!

We were contacted by the owner of the place we'd booked in Kassiopi, saying our dates were no longer available for the whole week but he'd find us alternative accommodation. This gave us the prompt to actually make out trip a 3 stop holiday, staying in Corfu Town first, then stopping over in Kalami, before going on up to Kassiopi. Something to look forward to, even if it doesn't happen.

Sophie and I ventured out for the first time on Thursday. She's had this week off, as have Jeff and Sam but the weather has been something and nothing. I still worked the Monday and Wednesday so we've not really done much and Jeff has happily returned to his refereeing!!  Anyway we went over to The Newt, just 30mins up the road but it was a change of scenery.

We got there early, so it was nice and quiet....

....and we got to see the deer.

It was blumin cold though, and as everything has to be outside until the 17th of May, it wasn't worth hanging around. So as we were leaving and it was getting busy, we got my coffee and brought it home.

Jeff, Sophie and Sam all return to work next week, we should have been in Seville!!! Millfield broke up a week early and so are back in a week earlier than the state schools. Shops are allowed to reopen on Monday, as is eating outside. I'm hoping to see my sister for a walk and a catch up mid week. Get to have a patch test for my hair colour on Friday, inching closer to getting my hair sorted. Yoga opens back up and there's a spare place for me, so slowly and safely we venture back into the world!!

Have a good week xx

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