Saturday, 5 June 2021

Pinch and a punch....hello June!!

How is it June already???

I should have been in Italy with my sister this week, exploring Pisa, Florence, Siena, Lucca... 
BUT like everything, it's been postponed again for another year! 
It'll be 30 years ago, since we last went, IF we get to go next year.

So instead of enjoy Mediterranean food in Italy, we enjoyed alfresco meals here in sunny Somerset!!

We met up on Thursday, had a coffee, then went for a walk, then had lunch. It wasn't Italy by any stretch of the imagination but it was lovely to spend some time together x

Jeff and I walked on Friday. 

He'd not been there before, so I took him up and around Dundon Beacon and then
 we went up to the Trig point on top of Lollover Hill. 

And whilst the weather is warm and sunny, we eat every meal outside. Both Sophie and Sam have enjoyed getting back out there, meeting friends, doing what young people should be doing, so it was a rare treat this week to be all together.

So the Summer term begins for Jeff and Sam, just 4 weeks then Jeff will break up for the Summer. I think Sam would've liked to have the summer off but given what he's just spent this past week, I think he'll have to carry on working. Sophie continues with her Placement Year, hopeful she might get to go up to Cardiff for a day to meet everyone! It's certainly not been the year she'd hoped for but I'm thankful it still went ahead. And me? I plod on. Work is hard. Being a runner, you get moaned at by colleagues, moaned at by customers, it's hard work for no extra money. I'm looking forward to my 2 weeks off in July. Greece is looking more and more unlikely, we've decided we'll only go if it turns 'Green'. The next travel update is on the 24th of June, exactly 2 weeks before we fly but annoyingly we have change our flights (for free) the day before the announcement, so who knows!!! We don't that's for sure. I'm taking the time off regardless and we'll just enjoy day trips if we stay at home. I need a break!

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