Saturday, 20 November 2021

5 Saturdays to Christmas!!!

I honestly don't know where the time is going, Christmas is creeping up rather quickly. I have tried to get festively organised this week and no better way to start, than a trip to Bath.

I had Tuesday off as holiday, so headed over to Bath for the day. It was lovely and quiet to begin with and enough of a festive feel in some of the shops to get you in the mood. 

I wasn't going to buy anything, just look!!! But I came home with a few things to decorate, a few things for me and a few things as gifts. Trying to buy only lovely things!

I did get to try out one of these delicious buns! I follow them on Instagram and drool daily at their wonderful bakes, so it was one of my first stops - breakfast!!

Wednesday, I took myself off to my happy place and spent a lovely couple of hours wandering around the woods. It is just a calming, peaceful place and I feel all the daily stresses evaporate whilst I'm there.

I did stumble upon a few Fly Agarics, always a pleasure and plenty of other finds too.

Had a catch up day at home on Thursday, getting myself organised, writing copious lists, finding all the Christmas cards I've been squirreling away, taking stock of what gifts I've bought, what I still need to get. What store cupboard treats I've already bought. Saves the mad rush in the big Christmas shop, if all the store cupboards bits are already bought!!

I did take myself off out, once around the block just to get some fresh air and met this curious cow on my travels. This time last year we were in lockdown and all you were allowed to do was go for walks. I miss the slower pace lockdown brought and enjoyed just walking, no other 'must do's' in the background!!

I caught it just right when I got home, went upstairs to initially try and capture the pink sky but witnessed the fabulous starlings flying across the Tor on their way to roost. An incredible sight.

Yesterday (Friday) I ventured up to Ivythorn Woods where the beech trees were just showing off! Beautiful crisp autumnal leaves to march through and such a bonus, so close to home.

So today is Saturday, my last day before a 4 day stint at work. I've had the laziest of starts, sat here catching up, drinking coffee. Haven't walked yet as it's grey and miserable out, so have decided today is the day to start writing my Christmas cards. I've laid them all out and they can stay out until done, as Sam isn't here needing his spot at the kitchen table. I love sending cards but I do feel they hang over me until I get started and then once done, it's a big job ticked off.

Got a busy week ahead, work, walk with a friend, London, coffee and catch up with my sister... lots to look forward to. Best get those cards written!!

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