Saturday, 6 November 2021

Reading Week

Pinch and a punch....

...hello November!

November!?! How is it already November???

It's a birthday month in our house, Sophie's then mine, so the birthday bunting is up!

And on Tuesday my birthday girl came home.
It's reading week, so Sophie came home for a few days.

We had a lovely day out in Bristol on the Wednesday, a bit of shopping, lunch.....

....and a trip to the theatre, to see White Christmas.

And we had the best view. No one came and sat in the seats in front of us, until someone annoyingly moved seats in the interval. But we had the best view for the cheaper seats. It was wonderful, so many great dance routines and fabulous singing. Very true to the film and certainly got me feeling a little more festive as we go into the next few weeks.

Thursday was birthday day and my baby turned 22!!

The scene had been set, presents wrapped and ready. 
I was making cakes at 8am before we went out for the day

We decided to head over to the Newt and have a wander around the deer park.
 Had delicious homemade crumpets for breakfast and brought home cinnamon buns for lunch

Some fungi finds....

...and of course the deer!

We waited until Jeff came home from work to open up the presents....

... and facetime'd the boy!
Lovely to see him but makes you miss them more when they're not with you too xx

So on Friday I took Sophie back to Reading, via Ikea and the big Sainsbury's. Did the obligatory food shop, had an Ikea breakfast and then dropped Sophie back at her Hall's.

So today Saturday, I'm having a lazy'ish day at home. I've been tasked with doing a display at work, for the 12 days of Christmas. I'm just setting the scene for the managers to add their bits. So I've spent the day prepping - making presents, cutting out lettering,  tying bows etc I have been given time on Tuesday to get it all up on the wall before the Regional Manager visits on Friday!!

So another busy week but a lovely one, getting to spend some time with Sophie. I love them dearly but they both needed to go off and be independent. It's lovely when you do see them. You look forward to them coming home and spending some real quality time together. They enjoy it, appreciate their home comforts more and what we do for them. A win, win all round!

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