Saturday, 27 November 2021

4 Saturdays to Christmas!!

So back to the normal start of the week - working Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and overtime on Wednesday. I never have the time or energy to do anything other than work!

Thursday was 'walk with Lynn' day and it was a beautiful blue sky morning. 
Bitterly cold but so lovely to be out in the fresh air.

We walked to the River Brue and then up on to the top of Wearyall Hill...

....where from the top you can see our house.

A close up!

Friday was booked in weeks ago, a day trip to London with Sophie and turns out to be the one day the tube workers were on strike. Thankfully Sophie is quite confident getting around London, so I left it up to her to organise our day and our first London Bus journey!!

First stop and my birthday treat from Sophie, breakfast at Eataly Went halves on the most delicious apricot and pistachio cream croissants. Could have come home with the whole of the Italian food hall upstairs. Delicious!!

We then wandered around Spitafields Market, then over Tower Bridge, 
along the river to Borough Market for lunch.

We then got the bus, as there was the tube strike on, to Covent Garden, had a mooch then walked to Piccadilly Circus.

Highlight, the lights! Regent Street, Oxford Street, Carnaby Street and we ended walking back to Paddington Station as the buses were super crowded and weren't letting anyone board the bus!! As a result, we spotted the Love Actually Tree, which we'd have missed if we'd got the bus!!

So a fab day with Sophie, certainly got our steps in!! Soaked up all the festive feels, bought a few treats and am ready to get Christmassy now. We're so lucky to be able to easily catch a train to London, just for the day and for me to meet up with Sophie.

It was bitterly cold, showers and a tube strike. Not the best conditions but we worked around it 
and had a fantastic day. Think this photo sums it up really!

We certainly added to the memory bank...

...had super company.... plenty of steps under our belt.....

....and soaked up all the festive feels xx

To round off the week, I've spent the morning in Wells with my sister. We met up for a festive mooch and of course coffee and the yummiest cinnamon buns from Loaf Bakehouse. I'm planning on a lazy afternoon at home, before work begins again tomorrow!! Can't believe it's only four weeks until Christmas. I do feel a little more organised, certainly looking forward to dripping in a little Christmas from December the first xx

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