Saturday, 11 December 2021

2 Saturdays to Christmas!!

And we are Christmas ready!

So on Monday I decorated the sitting room. I'm allowed to do in here without Sophie, so thought it was best to get on with it, with my only free morning of the week.

I worked my normal Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and then on Wednesday met for a coffee and a long overdue catch up, with my lovely friend over in Wells. We used to meet weekly and I used to work in her shop but with us both changing jobs etc it's so much harder to get together. We think it was September when we last got together, so plenty of chat to catch up on!

I decided I would spend Wednesday afternoon putting the tree up, ready for when Sophie came home to decorate. And this year I decided to buy some new lights, as ours were flickering last year and I didn't want to risk putting them on the tree, for them not to work. Anyway I ordered some - warm white, lots of lights close together, was slightly surprised by the size of the box that arrived. I'd only ordered 3,000 and 75 meters of lit cable!!!! Well honestly, what a numpty!! I ended up having to lay them all out and bundle 3 lengths of lights together with cable ties...... get them all on the tree!!

I must confess they do look lovely and I'd of happily left the tree like that but honestly!!!!! What a numpty! Jeff thought it was hysterical, joked about my understanding of numbers!!! Did I not think 75m was a lot?? NO! Because I didn't even notice that, I was just looking at the type of light and how close together they were! Anyway lesson learnt but the end result is just fine, thankfully x

Anyway in the evening I was able to go to a walk in booster clinic up at Jeff's school and got my booster done! Feeling very thankful given how busy it is at work now. All the screens have gone back up now and of course everyone should be wearing a mask again.

Woke up Thursday morning though feeling terrible. I was supposed to walk with my friend Lynn down into town but she's been poorly with an ear infection and I was suffering side effects from my booster, so we just went for a blast around the block and then had a coffee at home.

I then took it slow and drove to Reading to collect Sophie, a few days earlier than planned. She'd been feeling anxious about the increase in Covid cases and was worried about not being able to come home if she got the Omicron variant, so I agreed to come and collect her after her exam. She drove home and as soon as I got in I feel asleep on the sofa!! The booster wiped me out, felt nauseous, ached all over, just exhausted!!

But it was good to get Sophie home, so she could relax and start to enjoy Christmas. 
We both had an early night and thankfully.....

...I felt a lot better the following day.
I had to pop into work for an hour, as the Regional Manager was visiting and my Store Manager wanted me to show off all the decorating work I'd done in the staff area. We're encouraged to wear Christmas jumpers from the 1st of December and as Friday was Save the Children 'Christmas Jumper Day' I wore the sparkliest one I own!!

Anyway today is Saturday, two more Saturdays before it's Christmas Day!

Whilst waiting for Sophie to get up, I started on the wrapping! I LOVE wrapping presents. 
Plenty of coffee, Christmas carols, sparkly tree lights in the background and I'm happy x

I did have a moment. Whilst dad and I were clearing out Granny's attic I brought home a few old tree decorations of hers. As I opened them up, all the emotions hit me. Our first Christmas without her. I had a little cry and then wiped away my tears and put her baubles on the tree, a constant reminder over this Christmas period. I miss her and our daily chats xx

Once Sophie was up, we got decorating and the tree is done!!

We might have to get a bigger tree, as so many cherished decorations are still in the boxes. I will give Sophie some next year, when she has her own proper tree. The start of her own cherished decorations and memories x

So here is the kitchen....

....the hallway....

....the sitting room.....

....and a few odd pics!

We've been working our way through this delicious Christmas tree brioche, 
drinking lots of coffee and now....

....Christmas can begin!

I have a rare Sunday off tomorrow, I booked it a year ago not knowing if we'd have to be collecting Sophie and Sam. It'll be nice to just have a day to relax, as I'm working Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. Hoping to go to Cornwall on Thursday for the day, hair colour and cut on Friday, day off Saturday, then Christmas week madness at work begins. Sam is at a friends this weekend but coming home tomorrow night. He and Sophie are then going up to Cardiff on Monday to pack him up and bring him home. He then has to go back up to Cardiff on Thursday for a Practical Lab session and an in person Tutorial on Friday and then he'll be home. He's working in Sainsbury's with me all the week before Christmas, 5 x 8 hour days. Will be tiring but a good opportunity for him to earn some money.

So I feel we are Christmas ready!!

All the decorating is done, just the present wrapping to do and write my work Christmas cards. Have a night on the sofa planned, watch Strictly then kick off the first of the Christmas films with 'Love Actually' a Baileys and a box of Matchmakers x

Merry Christmas x


CamomilaRosaeAlecrim said...

Beautiful tree, place and inspiration!


Debdor said...

I used to really enjoy working in a supermarket during Christmas, mostly everyone is in a good mood, and full of the festive spirit. It is a bit dry, finishing work a week before the day, when you no longer have small children. Oh well, I will just have to eat lots of mince pies, and rewatch all the cheesy Christmas films...