Saturday, 18 December 2021

Just ONE Saturday to Christmas !!

Just ONE Saturday to Christmas !!

Christmas can begin - the troops are home!!

Sam came home on Sunday evening after a weekend away with friends. He and Sophie went up to Cardiff to pack him up and bring him home for Christmas on the Monday. He had to go back up on Thursday and Friday for a Practical and a tutorial but is now home until the end of  January. He's making the most of this weekend, as he's in Sainsbury's working all next week!

Loving my tree and mere 3000 lights!!

I worked Monday, Tuesday and did an extra morning on Wednesday but we headed off to The Newt in the afternoon 'en famille'. Sam has never been, Jeff just the once, so we thought it would be a good idea to go altogether before my membership runs out.

We saw the deer, although not as close up as on previous visits.

This photo got posted on the BBCWest Instagram page, pretty chuffed with that!

Plenty of fungi finds....

.....a close up!

On Thursday Sophie and I were up and out early and in Truro for 10am! I've not been there in years and so many shops are gone, although a couple of nice Independents to mooch around.

We then went on to meet my Mum and Dad for lunch and do a present swap in the car park. We're hoping to meet up after Christmas, with my sister too but who knows what will happen in the coming weeks, with the way the Covid situation is going and the new Omicron variant takes hold. Sophie got her booster today (Saturday) in a walk in center in town. Hoping she can now relax a little, as she's done all she can to protect herself.

I've spent my day trying to get a little organised and on top of everything! I did a food shop, came home and wrapped some work gifts and then have spent all afternoon wrapping up the Breakfast Bag bits. I'm now working the next four days, until 11pm on Monday!!! so time is running short.

Time is always short in the week leading up to Christmas but I'm really looking forward to a quiet, hopefully relaxing Christmas weekend xx

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