Saturday, 4 December 2021

3 Saturdays to Christmas !!

A beautiful start to the working week.......

....and time to get Advent ready!!

Pinch and a punch......hello December and.......

.....hello the start of Advent.

Not one, not two but three Advent calendars this year.

The wreath is on the door....

.....and the Christmas bedding is on!

Day off on Wednesday and I took myself off over to the Newt, not sure if I'll manage to get another visit in this side of Christmas.

Saw the deer....

....enjoyed a cold but clear walk....

....and took 100's of pictures as usual!

My main focus this week has been getting work all festive!
Paper bunting.....

.....beautifully wrapped presents.....

..... and helped out with the works Christmas lunch!

Have spent yesterday and today at home, supposedly cleaning. Was meant to be dusting and hoovering the whole house but made slow progress, as I keep getting distracted by the nice bits!
How gorgeous are these handmade ceramic toadstools?

The hand painted Italian Christmas mug is out.....

...the lights are on, candles lit!

The pigeon holes are looking fabulous and 
show off my 'Pudding' card collection beautifully x

And little parcels of lovely things that I've ordered keep arriving.
How gorgeous are these?

Posted the cards out this morning, now the first few are arriving.

Faffed in the sitting room.
Just cards, candles and a few extra lights for now, haven't got the decorations out yet. 
Trees the main feature on the fireplace......

....and robins on the bookcase.

Am working now my usual Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, meeting a friend for coffee on Wednesday, walking with my friend on Thursday, a few hours back in work on Friday, then Sophie comes home on Saturday and tree decoration can begin!! 

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