Saturday, 26 March 2022

SUN, glorious .....

.....sun x

What a week of beautiful weather.
Worked Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and an early on Wednesday, worth getting up early to see this lovely sunrise, one of the only positives of a 5:40 alarm x

Everywhere is looking beautiful - neighbours Magnificent Magnolia...

....the carpet of daffodils up an Jeff's school.

So first day off on Thursday, I went walking with my friend Lynn....

....then out again on my own on Friday.

Wild daffodils x

A quick whizz around the block, taking in the beautiful blossom this morning (Saturday.)
Slightly chill breeze today, so not sitting out weather.

First tulips are up....

...and my new sun lounger got it's first airing this week!
Yes! It's been warm enough, in March!!

So it's Mother's Day tomorrow and I'm working!

I believe Sam may make an appearance later today, as he's around visiting friends and Jeff is Reading bound tomorrow, to collect Sophie and bring her home for Easter. Sam still has another week, so I think Sophie and I will collect him late next week, maybe add in a little shopping!! Jeff breaks up on Friday, later than usual as it's his birthday on Monday, which he can sometimes be off for! The weather is supposed to cool, typical. It's been absolutely glorious, bright, warm sunshine and beautiful blue skies, makes the world of difference. I wish it could be like this all the time.

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