Saturday, 14 May 2022

And then there were 3!

Wow! time is flying, another week been and gone!
Whilst I worked on Sunday, Jeff was busy in the garden, potting up the geraniums ready for summer. They always give a great show of colour by the back door.

And, I have rhubarb, finally!!

It's only taken 6 years to get to the stage where I can pick it for my own consumption and it was delicious. I'm the only one who eats it, so it's great that I can just pick what I need.

Then on Monday I had a blood test first thing, menopause related and then collected Sophie from Castle Cary train station, before heading off to work. She's full on into exams, needed a change of scenery, so came home. She had an online exam on Tuesday, so I kept out of her way. I had to go to Bristol for a work meeting Wednesday, so she revised all day and then on Thursday, we went out for lunch before I dropped her back to catch her train, ready for another exam all day on Friday!

But in between, we did book a little mini break for a few weeks time, when all her exams are over. A few of her friends have already finished their exams and are off travelling or away with their boyfriends or families, so rather than miss out completely, we found five days when we could both be free and booked a mini break in Majorca. We've gone for a package deal, something I vowed I would never do again but as it's not full season, I hope there won't be the sunbed hassle. With just the two of us, we can easily head out for the day and we went for half board but will happily eat out if needs be.

The hotel is more geared to German visitors according to reviews but it looks lovely, is in an area we've not been to before but we can easily get a bus up to Puerto Pollensa if we wanted to. I'm quite keen to go to Alcudia one day and at a push we could go to Palma but this is 5 days of relaxation and time to de- stress before she starts her job in September.

Checked in on Sam. He's having the best time. Because he's changing courses, he doesn't have to sit the exams, just turn up!! So he's doing no work, just enjoying himself. He might be going away with friends, has a summer of festivals lined up, catching up on all he missed out on due to Covid!! Living his best life and why not! Although I have said he needs to knuckle down next year or rethink if Uni is for him. Time will tell!!!

It was lovely having Sophie home, although I do wish I could take all the stress away!!

So I had Friday to myself, just pottered and caught up with all the house work. We dug up the alliums out the front. They were a bit of a mistake in our bulb selection, as they still have another few weeks of flowering to go but we desperately need to plant out the sunflowers, geraniums, lobelia etc so.......

....we've moved them into pots and hope they survive for a few more weeks. I actually really like them clustered together on the deck by the hostas. Will have to remember that for next year.

So I'm feeling totally spoilt. More like two and half weeks now, until I go to Florence with my sister, then back home and just two weeks to lose the pounds before I'm beach body ready for Majorca. Can't eat loads there, despite being half board as I've only two weeks to lose the pounds for Greece!! There are worse things to worry about, I know!!

So another busy week in the diary ahead. 
I'm working Sunday, Monday, Tuesday then off to Bristol on Wednesday to see 'Singing in the Rain' at the Hippodrome. Then on Thursday I'm off to London for the day with Sophie. We booked this ages ago, before she decided to come home, as there was a sale on for cheap train tickets and it'll probably the last time we'll go, certainly from Reading. I'm looking forward to it and it breaks up the exam revision for her. Her final 'Final' is the following Monday and then she is done! She actually gets her results whilst we're away, so will definitely be enjoying some cocktails one night!!

Anyway, I've washing to hang out, a few bits of shopping to get and I'm in need of another coffee, so I must go and crack on. Here's to a good week x

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