Saturday, 7 May 2022

The merry month of May

Pinch and a punch....

Already a week in, where does the time go?

Worked my Sunday, Monday and went in for a meeting on Wednesday, before....

....going into Bath for the afternoon to meet up with my sister.

Had a bite to eat, did a bit of holiday planning and......

.....then the main event - tickets to see Corrine Bailey Rae, who was fabulous! 
I spent many an hour listening to her album during my dots and spots days.

Thursday was walk with my friend Lynn day and if it hadn't been a date in the diary I wouldn't of gone. I was so tired but because I'd made a commitment, I went and I'm glad I did. Just up to the woods but the vibrant greens more than made up for my sleepy head.

Everything is growing!
Our sunflower seeds are showing and....

...the alliums, out in the front planters are beginning to flower.
When they go over, we'll plant out the sunflowers.

Friday was super busy. I spoke to Sophie first thing, then headed over to Shepton to meet a friend for coffee, before getting my hair coloured. Raced back in time for Di to arrive to cut it and before you knew it, it was time for tea!! Days just disappear!

Today is supposed to be wall to wall sunshine but it keeps getting cloudy, hence I'm inside writing this. Went and did a food shop first thing, then have spent the majority of my time out in the garden. This morning was glorious, not a cloud in the sky but it's on and off now. Still I've got 3 loads of washing out on the line, finished my book and enjoyed my lunch out in the sunshine, can't complain.

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