Saturday, 21 May 2022

What a busy week!

What a week!!
Worked the Sunday, Monday, Tuesday.... my new 18 month academic diary!
I LOVE a new diary!!

Day off on Wednesday and I headed off into Bristol for the day!
I did a bit of shopping, although unsuccessful!! Am trying to find a dress for Sophie's Graduation and Jeff's brothers wedding celebration party and can I find one???? They are all so long, so revealing, no sleeves...... the list goes on, so I'm still on the look out.

I also had tickets to see Singing in the Rain. Again Sophie couldn't commit due to her exams, so I went on my own. Boy did she miss a treat, it was fantastic! Loved it and so cleverly done with the rain scene. And then the finale......... I just love musical theatre x

I then met up with the boy and his mate Smithy! Nearly didn't recognise him with the new hair cut!!! Treated them to tea at the Real Greek and then brought Sam home with me. He's off to France next week with friends, needed his passport, so given all the trouble with passports at the moment, I thought it best he collected it in person! Good job really as he's ended up at the doctors, got tonsillitis, So he's still here recuperating, got antibiotics and should hopefully feel better by the time he goes on holiday.

Then Thursday I was up early, London bound! My last London meet up with Sophie, whilst she's at Reading. Managed to get train tickets half price a month or so ago and as Castle Cary train station is just 20 mins away, it's so easy. We had no real agenda for the morning....... headed down Oxford Street and Regent Street on the search for a dress!!! 
Still no joy but WOW! how good was London looking, all ready for the Jubilee Celebrations.

Covent Garden was the same, all decked out with Union Jack bunting.

We then spent the afternoon at the theatre, yes another musical. We decided as it was our last trip from her time at Reading, we would go all out and see a musical and Sophie plumped for Frozen! It was absolutely amazing, the pure talent on that stage, all the set, the effects, everything......just brilliant!

I had a later train back, so we headed to the far side of Paddington Station, by the canal, to find somewhere to eat. It's a lovely area and you really wouldn't even know it was there.

So we had a celebratory drink, she's nearly done, last exam on Monday.

Had a bite to eat, then a stroll along the canal.

Fab art installation.

So a really lovely day and a good week. Got to spend time with both my children too. 
Spent Friday and today catching up at home, food shop, washing, cleaning etc Got another busy week next week and then it's off to Florence with my sister, so I'm writing copious lists, just so I don't forget to do anything. The weather has been mixed here this week, will be glorious whilst I'm away, it always is but to be fair Florence is looking hot, hot, hot!!!!
Have a good week x

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