Wednesday, 14 July 2010

3 days to go!

So 3 days to go until showtime and today, at last, I got around to working out how to display all my cards on my fabulous printed boards. I basically took over any remaining space in the house to work out all the fixing and spacing.

I started with Christmas and straight away realised that the cards would have to use the red envelope as a frame, as the blue was just being lost in the background.

I had always intended to peg them on red and white spotty ribbon to keep with the dots and spots feel.

The postcards had to go on two boards so it was tricky to make sure once the boards are hung that they all line up with each other and I have no idea how tall the shell scheme is, so have allowed plenty of blank space at the bottom of the boards so cards are not hidden!

The actual greetings cards will be fixed once we get there as there are too many designs to string up but I did have a go at laying them out just to make sure I could fit them all in!
Tomorrow will not be as exciting - I have to clean the house, do the shopping and write out a list for my parents, who are kindly looking after the children for us whilst we are away.
So that is it for a week or so, I shall be keeping quiet! Thank you to you all for your interest and kind, reassuring comments through out the build up to the show. This is a huge step for us, so fingers crossed it all goes well!


GiddyStuff said...

This looks lovely, hope Harrogate goes well x

Moobaacluck said...

am so impressed by how thorough you have been in your preparations. I think you will have a great time, glad Jeff is with you. Bet he is really proud. Well done Becky and looking forward to hearing how you do! Sadly I can't come up - Tony has work on different days next week and I just can't do it. Good luck xx Gabs

Tracy said...

Wow, your stand at Harrogate is going to look so cool!

I hope it goes really well for you and that you get lots of orders!

Your blog is great too by the way, enjoy reading it.


Sarah said...

you will wow them all at Harrogate! fantastic boards to go with your fantastic products, you go girl! xxx

jms said...

it all looks fabulous, and you have given me some ideas too. enjoy.
joy xx

Elizabeth said...

Your stand will look fantastic, looking forward to seeing it in real life on Sunday!

Elizabeth said...

Good luck with the stand, it looks fantastic!

hello gorgeous said...

it will be FAB!!! I'm already excited for you!

Have FUN!!! ;o)


hello gorgeous xxx

daisy daydreams said...

Good luck in Harrogate, I am sure you will go down well with us Yorkshire folk. Amanda.....x

Kathy said...

Hi, I am a fellow noths "partner" and found you via twitter and just wanted to say Hello and wish you GOOD LUCK!!! for your trade fair. I am exhibiting at my first trade fair in January (Top Drawer) so understand how you feel! Kathy

Emele said...

How exciting! I'm secretly jealous ;o) Don't forget the squillions of business cards you'll need and to only give out brochures to people who are really and truly interested - Good Luck, Have Fun!

Mermaid said...

Wow It looks fantastic! Wishing you all the best of British luck and hope it all goes well. I've just featured you briefly in my blog again today as I wrote about Harrogate Home & Gift Fair.

Take care
Zoe xx

dots and spots said...

THANK YOU for all your fabulous, supportive comments - will leave you with a little peace and quiet over the next week or so - unless I can find time in an evening for a quick update! The car is packed and later this evening will be on our way - no going back now!