Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Busy Bee!

At the moment life at dots and spots HQ is just soooooo busy that something has to give and at the moment it's my poor house that is suffering.

I look back at these photos with longing - a tidy, sorted house, so today I have to give the place a tidy up as I can't stand the mess any longer.

I try and keep the 3 main rooms downstairs dots and spots free as everyone has to be in this space but a huge roll of bubble wrap adorns the dining room and all the display boards are propped up in the sitting room. A pile of orders stack up in the hallway ready for collection and posting and general piles of 'stuff' seem to have sprung up everywhere!

Having lived in boarding accommodation for 7 years previously, when we at last got this house, it became a show home, but quite quickly the reality of family life runs it's course and it has that 'lived in' feel any family home should have.

The children are in charge of keeping their rooms tidy now they are 10 and very nearly 8! A small bribe of pocket money sometimes helps and lessens the moaning but they most certainly appreciate their own space!

The only room not to be affected by the madness of dots and spots is the bathroom - often the quietest and calmest room in the house, the views over Collett Park are beautiful and is the place to go if you need a little peace and quiet!

The hardest point at the moment is running a business from the home without one taking over from the other. Finding the balance is always tricky but this business only works from being based at home! If I can ignore the piles of boxes, bubble wrap etc and stop it all invading the main part of the house then I am happy, but having been so busy these past few weeks, things have slipped so today is tidy up day at dots and spots HQ - time to readdress the balance of home / business!



hello gorgeous said...

LOVING the dotty spottiness of your house hon! sure you will work something out ;o)

have fun tidying up!


hello gorgeous xxx

Marion Cole said...

What a beautiful house! It is my ambition to have such a tidy house as this - even if its only for ten minutes!

You have inspired me to go and have a tidy...

Anonymous said...

Gosh you have a lovely home, and what a treat to have your own office! I find you and your business rather inspirational and as I will be venturing out into own business territory next year I love reading how yours and other businesses are going from strength to strength. Well done and good luck!

P.S. I am hoping for a dots and spots Christmas this year so I will hopefully be placing an order in the next couple of months :-).

jms said...

I know exactly how you feel, I suffer from the same, although not quite to the extent that you do. We are fortunate enough to be in the process of renovating a large outbuilding at the bottom of the garden which will be a studio for me and an office for Rog - we are hoping it will be ready later this summer. Your house looks lovely in the photos, hope it looks this good again after your tidy-up day,
joy xx

Anthea said...
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Anthea said...

Your house is absolutely beautiful :)

Vintage to Victorian at Dairy House Antiques said...

Hi Becky

You'll feel so much better when it's done ... says she, who can't see the wood for the trees here. I honestly don't know where to start, but must follow your example asap!!

Sue x

Marion Cole said...

What a beautiful house - it is my ambition to get my house this tidy one day, even if its only for ten minutes.

(apologies if this comment comes up twice...my first attempt didn't seem to work)

Helen Pickup said...

Wot a gorgeous home you have. Our homes always get a little neglected when we are busy, but I bet you wouldn't have it any other way. You just need a DOTTY lady to do a SPOT of cleaning :)

SparkleSmith said...

Dots & Spots HQ looks gorgeous. Quite jealous :)

Annabelle said...

and what a sweet home it is!
Good luck at Harrogate!! I'm sure you'll get lots of orders.

Vintage from the Village said...

Hi Dont worry about the mess, the business is top of your list at the moment and all will settle down. I know a bit what you mean as what was once our very small spare bedroom once contained just book cases and computer, now it piled up with Ebay stock and its spreading along the landing and downstairs and the shed is full of boxes !
Great catalogue by the way, arrived today, cant wait to have a proper look !
Sue x

Vintage Amethyst said...

oh I know exactly how you feel with running my business from home too & having my husband paint from home too ~ we are both cramped into one room at the moment which is quite stressful.
I try not ot let 'Vintage Amethyst' spill over into the 'normal' house but the hallway is always full of parcels every day until they get sent to the Post Office!!!
Love your home, it is so pretty.

Lisa said...

You have a truly beautiful and stylish homey looking home.
Lisa x

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain, but also wanted to say what a lovely home you have!! I really hope Harrogate goes well for you
Best wishes x

Anonymous said...
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Realicoul said...

please may i have your house?! Its b e a u t i f u l