Sunday, 25 July 2010

So now the show is over, the real work begins!

We arrived home from the show with a bump! The inbox was full of emails, enquiries and orders so job 1 - update all the orders waiting patiently in the in box and here they are - parcels under 4kg on their way to the post office - anything heavier waiting for collection on Monday!

Job 2 was to go through our file of orders and enquiries from the show. Proforma payments at least give me a breather as we have to wait for payment before the order can be sent out. Jeff spent a solid day of typing, to get all the invoices out and ready to post. I did a tally of what was needed to be done, ordered even more tape to fulfill all the orders and the hardest job on the list, is to do the embellished prints.

I love doing them as they are all hand finished and make a truly special gift but......

......with 60+ on order my opinion of them has now changed. I know I will feel better when I know I have got them done!

They do look good all lined up ready for mounting - ahhh yes the mounting, forgot I still had that to do!

I've also been busy preparing packs for our new agents! We met some fantastic people at the show, who were very keen to sell dots and spots and were over whelmed by just how many. I am being realistic in the amount of work I have ahead of me and have decided to start them at different times, so I can stagger the increasing workload. We already work with 2 agents in the South West and West Midlands but first out of the starting blocks for new areas being covered, will be North East England covering Northumberland, Durham and Yorkshire and Cumbria. Towards the end of August selling in Scotland will begin and then we will follow up the interest and possible contacts we got for Ireland, North West England, East Anglia and Kent!!!
Busy and exciting times ahead!


Anonymous said...

Wow Congratulations! this is all fab news. I follow all your activities and am really pleased for you doing so well. You must work so hard and are a real inspiration. xx

Mermaid said...

I agree, you truly are an inspiration. Congratulations on a gereat show! I hope you have managed to enjoy the weekend!

Take care

zazu Jewellery said...

Sarah and Zoe are right it is very inspirational listening to your progress and success.
I have decided to book a trade fair for next year and if I do half as well as you I will be really chuffed.
Well done.

dots and spots said...

Thank you for your lovely and generous comments. We spent a whole year visiting all the trade shows to find the one that suited us best. We also went well prepared, spending money on pre-show advertising, sending out catalogues etc. Our card range was now big enough to exhibit with and we also have a range of other items to interest people that came our way! Trade fairs are expensive events and we made sure we made the most of the oppourtunity - wish you well if you decide to go for it to!

hello gorgeous said...

hey gorgeous, ditto to what the others have's FANTASTIC news and must be so thrilling for you to have it be such a success.

I'd like to have some of your enthusiasm bottled please ;o)


hello gorgeous xxx

Federica said...

I love your blog, I love your design and your style (and I really really love your studio and your home ^_^) so you deserve all this success because you are so talented!!!

hugs and congrat!!!


Laura x said...

I'm so glad eveything is going well for you - it sounds like sooo much hard work - but very, very exciting! Good luck keeping upwith those orders!
Laura x