Tuesday, 27 July 2010

My willing helpers!! (well some of them more willing than others !)

dots and spots is still for now, located in our family home. It means we all get to spend time together, even when Jeff and I are working. It has also has given the children a really good insight into how a business runs and how hard you have to work!

Since our return from Harrogate, we have not stopped - Jeff has been busy at the computer - typing out invoices, opening new trade accounts, replying to all the emails that keep 'pinging' through and updating the new database of all our new customers.

Sophie is always a very willing helper - choosing to pick and pack the cards today! She is always asking if she can help or have I any jobs for her to do! May have got her to help too much today when she said it was like 'child labour'!!!

Sam on the other hand is motivated by money!! I once bribed him to go and get me something from upstairs - BIG mistake!! Now any job, whether big or small is always accompanied with 'How much do I get for that - 20p, 50p??' He, at least realises you have to work hard to get money but ......
His favourite job is collecting the red tubes for the owl posters.

And me? I have been locked away in my tiny studio space, embellishing prints, making phone calls and getting the orders ready to send out.

dots and spots is outgrowing the space we have in our current house, so after such a successful show at Harrogate, we have decided to rent premises and relocate part of dots and spots HQ! It is a huge step but a necessary one! My studio will remain where it is but we are looking for a space to use as a store and picking and packing area for all our trade orders.
Exciting times ahead - any excuse to go shopping for furniture!!!


Luna said...

Oooh, new premises sounds exciting, even if it is just as storage! x

Vintage to Victorian at Dairy House Antiques said...

Definitely a family-run business Becky!! Love Sophie's Dots and Spots security badge.

Good luck with the premises hunting.

jms said...

wow, its great that things have taken off that well, hope you manage to find something suitable close to home.
joy xx

SparkleSmith said...

flying high, well done.

peaches & me said...

i have adored your blog for somtime now i love reading your posts and seeing your new things x

Muddy Puddle Crafts said...

so glad its a family affair, start them young and who knows what they will achieve ! you really are flying high xxx