Monday, 27 December 2010

Christmas at the Peabody's

So at last, the day we'd all been waiting for - at a very reasonable 7.00am, we were all downstairs opening presents and at last 3 members of the family were very happy to get a Wii!

Father Christmas was very good to us all again this year.

The table was set for 7 and although I say so myself Christmas dinner was delicious!

Everyone has now gone home, we've cleared a little space, the Wii has been 'activated' and I'm now in for a very quiet few days as they all fight it out to win! I'm taking today and tomorrow off completely, then I'll disappear and do some jobs towards Top Drawer - a large design led trade fair in London in mid January.

I've had a little tidy up using our fab Pudding bin bags! and had a little look through the gifts I've received - it's always a blur on the actual day.

I am now a the proud owner of a fancy phone - I'm so not a gadget/ technological person so I am being given a lesson later today (probably by my 8year old!) on how to use it.

I was also very lucky to receive the Julie Arkell book and some spotty bits and pieces - of course!

So I will sign off and wish you all a continued happy Christmas and start focusing on New Year and the dreaded resolutions I make and never find time to do!.


Vintage to Victorian at Dairy House Antiques said...

Hi Becky

What a lovely time you've had. Your table looked fabulous.

Here's to a relaxed last few days before the onslaught of 2011. May you have a busy and successful year ahead ... and may we get that coffee break sometime before next Christmas!!!

Sue x

Judith said...

A Wii, wow,
my kids would be jealours...
Enjoy it!!!
Have a great Holiday!
greetings from Holland,

GiddyStuff said...

Everything looks lovely, and you've had some very nice presents, i'm going to look out for that Julie Arkell book!

Me said...

Absolutely adore your blog! Just stumbled across it! It is beautiful! Will become a regular reader! Looks like you guys had a fab xmas and you have a beautiful home :)

two bones and a bagle said...

Love your blog - its my first visit. I have been on a Julie Arkell course at Hope and Elvis at Welbeck - check out Louise's website or facebook page. It was fab she is doing more this year there but I think they are booked up - I missed the boat for this time - boo. Dont worry about knitting/sewing skills Julie really will guide you through the making process if you require. She is delightful. HNY to you and yours.