Thursday, 16 December 2010

I Love giving presents

Yesterday I took a little treat over to my printers - they are so good to me and I know I can probably sometimes be a pain - so I thought I ought to keep them sweet with a mug and a packet of biscuits each!

Today is the turn of the teachers. A jar of cookies and a simple but lovely Christmas star.

I've started to wrap other presents - just one or two.

Today is my last day with the children at school and that I am at home - so today is present wrapping day - all day! What a great way to spend a day!

2 comments: said...

Last day alone in the house for me too! Presents all wrapped - cards sent - cookies in a jar for teachers done so just last few errands to do and Christmas can start!

Jenny said...

Wow they all look lovely, and your stripey wrapping paper is gorgeous!

Somehow I seem to have done most of my Christmas preparation too, except annoyingly my planned Bath trip on Saturday to get the last little bits looks like it may well be snowed off:( xxx