Thursday, 9 December 2010

Spotty Christmas gifts.... of course!

I LOVE giving gifts during the festive season - more than receiving them!
I LOVE to think about what a person would like and give it a festive and wherever possible, spotty touch!

So I was delighted when I came across the fantastic Jo, who makes the most beautiful and delicious cupcakes. She is very talented and would have probably produced some amazing designs but I wanted red and white and of course some of them had to be spotty!

I put my idea to her a couple of weeks ago and booked in a few collection dates and she even managed to source these fabulous spotty boxes.

With a finishing touch of ribbon and a handmade dots and spots label they are good to go!
The lucky recipients are the fabulous couple who pack all my cards for me - I'm keeping them happy - I have 32,000 cards on their way in the next week or so!

I gave myself the day off today to make a start on cleaning my pigsty of a house. I have cleaned the sitting room and dining room so they are gleaming!! The tree is up and lit but will have to wait until the weekend to get decorated as the children love to do it and we ran out of time - will keep you updated, last year it all looked like this !


Blueberry Park said...

How gorgeous and perfect are they?! And look delicious too ;-) I'm sure the recipients will be incredibly touched and honoured to receive those...I would be ;-)

crafts@home said...

Stunned...... I have sourced exactly those boxes and spotty cupcake cases at a local cake decorating shop and have decided to give lots away this year.I'm also going to get the children to make them for their friends! Great minds think alike........

Judith said...

Everything looks perfect!
I love your spots!!
Have a nice weekend,
greetings, Judith

vanessa said...

Those cupcakes are fabulous! Works of art! And the box! The world of boxes is a minefield, as I've been looking for boxes for my papier mache creations, seems you have to go bespoke to really get what you want, it's a whole new world to me! Your tree looked fab last year, I just looked at the link, and your house looks beautiful this year. Love Vanessa xxx


I am a spots, stripes and gihgham freak, these are perfect, almost too good to eat! Kx
ps love the house

100percentdelicate said...

Those cakes look gorgeous