Monday, 6 December 2010

Christmas is for children!

The first weekend in December marks the tradition, in the Peabody house, for the children to 'do' Christmas. They each have a small tree and a box of decorations to delve into and are left to their own devises, to decorate their rooms exactly as they like!

The nativity, bought from the Early Learning Centre to celebrate the arrival of Sophie 11 years ago is always a treasured item - it is now shared and alternately spends Christmas in each of the rooms.

The top landing gets the festive touch and then it all begins - tinsel and paper chains galore!

The tree with it's old and loved decorations.

Handmade Christmas decorations.

Handmade, colourful paper chains in Sophie's room.

A handmade advent calendar welcomes you into Sam's room.

And the tinseliest tinsel Christmas tree you ever did see! He is VERY proud of how much tinsel he managed to fit on!

All the Christmas bits and pieces come out, made or bought over the years that all hold special memories or remember when we.......

And then there are more paper chains and more tinsel!

The main tree won't go up for another week or so - so this is a good compromise to start the festivities off. The main tree is a more co-ordinated affair and I'm afraid not a piece of tinsel in sight!

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Judith said...

Your children are very creative. Their rooms look very festive.
Have a wonderful december.