Thursday, 28 March 2013

Bath and Birthdays

Today is Mr dots and spots Birthday and lucky for him, he broke up from school yesterday so enjoyed a day off. He spent the day at home, whilst I.......

enjoyed a little retail therapy in Bath - ON MY OWN!
I have not been to Bath 'on my own' in years as I always have Sophie in tow or meet up with my sister and niece - so today was a real treat!

I love Bath - the mix of shops and street sellers.

It was extra special today as the sun decided to shine too!

I treated myself to coffee and a slice of Abricontine at the Bertinet Bakery Cafe 
and very nice it was too!

I also treated myself to these fun Cath Kidston beakers, ready for beach time picnics in the Summer.

This evening we decided to treat ourselves to a special birthday meal out at ASK.
A great way to start the holidays and celebrate Jeff's Birthday. The food was absolutely delicious and if you shop at Tesco's, you can exchange £10's worth of Clubcard Vouchers for £40's worth of ASK food. So a bargain too! 

Enjoy your Easter weekend - 50% FRIDAY will still be on despite it being a Bank Holiday, so take a peek and grab a bargain!


Erica at Sew So Crafty said...

It's always nice going to your favorite places with someone but I also love just going on my own and wondering around at my own pace, doing my own thing. Glad you had a super outing!

Anonymous said...

Nothing beats a bit of retail therapy, let alone in Bath and on a sunny day!!! So glad you had a well deserved "me" day!
Happy Birthday to Mr D&S and a very happy Easter week-end with your family!

Primroses Attic said...

I enjoy shopping with friends, but you have to please them as well! I get so much more done on my own and always find more treasures. Happy Easter to you all, have a lovely Hols.