Sunday, 17 March 2013

Studio time

I have pretty much spent this weekend at home - enjoying a little studio time.

Partly out of necessity - our next trade show is only 8 weeks away! eek! 
So a little design time was enjoyed, a little planning time done and a little bit of time to play!

I also had a commission to complete. Occasionally our personalised washing line prints come out of retirement. Over the past 4 years, I have completed a few prints now, for a lovely couple's grandchildren. Each time a new grandchild comes along, I'm asked to do another print - what a lovely idea.

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Country Rabbit said...

i think there must be a 'duck/bird' man in every park~ i dont know where they get so many crumbs from??, i dont think they eat any bread themselves~ they get so much Joy from feeding the birds it reminds me of the old bird lady in 'Mary Poppins'...the little old chap who feeds the birds in my local park has such a jolly face...i love your creative must be lovely to tuck yourself away in there and think up new designs surrounded by all your lovely colourful papers ;0)