Monday, 4 March 2013

Making the most.....

....of working for myself!

This weekend we were super busy - a combination of Mother's Day orders and 50% Friday.
I ended up going over to the premises on Saturday and on Sunday, to get everything packed and ready for posting first thing on Monday morning.

Jeff spent Sunday evening sorting, sizing and weighing the post.

So today, I spent the afternoon out in the garden, enjoying the sunshine, guilt free!
It was warm enough, when out of the wind, to sit out and enjoy my lunch and get the washing out on the line. I then spent a couple of hours cutting back and clearing up all the dead twigs and leaves - 3 trugs full! All the clematis and honeysuckle is beginning to bud and I even spotted a ladybird. The forecast says tomorrow will be similar, then as warm air moves in, so does the rain - typical.

1 comment:

Vintage from the Village said...

You deserve a break ! looking forward to seeing all my new spring green tapes in the post !
Sue x