Sunday, 10 March 2013

Happy Mothers Day

Today is Mothers Day

(Photo - my wedding day)

 I enjoyed the luxury of a lie in and then an early morning phone chat with my Mum, down in Cornwall. Sadly Jeff's Mum passed away 5 years ago, so I make sure I give her a special thought today too.

 I had some fab cards - I'm now the owner of 2 doodlelove cards
Sophie and I want to see Mamma Mia, so this was a big hint and will be a good reminder to save up!

Sam made me this handmade card at school - always special

I got treated to the most gorgeous tulips

Being Mum to these two, really is the best job in the world. 
I count my blessings every day, as to just how lucky I am.

I hope you all have a lovely Mothers Day 

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Anonymous said...

Mother's Day is in May here so I did a double take on your post. Funny how we always think what we experience is the norm! BTW ... I love your blog Becky :-)