Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Back to normal!

This week is the first week back to normality for a while. Jeff had an extra week of holiday from school compared to the children, so it was back to work for him on Monday and a quiet house for me. 

We've been lucky to see a little sunshine - it caught me by surprise yesterday. So much so, my late lunch in the garden for 50 minutes yesterday now sees me sporting a rather red nose that Rudolf would be proud of!!

Life in the world of dots and spots is busy. I am prepping everything for our upcoming Trade Show at Earls Court in May, we have new products to pack and photograph, a flyer to get printed for the show, orders to pick and pack  and.... well there's always something to do.

I did make time though this morning, to have a coffee and catch up with a friend. A much needed 'putting the world to rights' type of chat!! It's good to take time out every now and again for a catch up. 

Before I go, a little reminder about our GIVEAWAY - I'm shocked by the number of entries which now stands at well over 400 over on facebook and double that when you add in the 'shares' WOW! You still have time to enter *HERE* on the blog or leave a comment *HERE* over on facebook, which ever is easiest for you.

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