Monday, 8 April 2013

Loving the holidays

I love it when the children are on holiday. I love not doing the school run and not having to get up to the alarm.

 I love my days just going with the flow, especially choosing to spend an afternoon in the garden when the sun shines. It's such a rarity that you have to make the most of it when it appears!

So I've been mixing up my days with a little family time and a bit of work. I spent all day Sunday over at the premises, starting on a mock up of my show stand so that ...... I could take the day off to spend some fun time with Sophie.


A few treats from our day out!

Sam stayed at home with Jeff and it seems, spent the morning at home in his pj's!

I've still not been brilliant on the 'eating well' front - 'still too cold to eat salads' is my excuse. I have stayed the same 'weight wise' but have now only six and a half weeks until our week away in the sun, so must get motivate to start soon!!

The forecast keeps promising to warm up but I still feel it needs to warm up significantly more, to really feel like Spring is here to stay!


Erica at Sew So Crafty said...

Hi Becky ... We are nearing the end of the school holidays and am dreading getting up again at 5.30am and rushing around with school and extra activities ;-(. While you are enjoying spring we are in mid autumn and I'm looking forward to some cooler weather after having 38°C+ days!

Just Original said...

I'm back to work tomorrow, and too I have loved the lazy days.

Vanessa x