Friday, 12 April 2013

Holiday at home

After watching the Sewing Bee on BBC2  on Tuesday, Sophie and I embarked on a little sewing project. As you know, I can't sew and Sophie is only starting out so she likes me with her to boost her confidence when sewing.

We've had 2 lessons so far - one to learn how to use her machine and sew some bunting and a second learning how to make a cushion. We have practised both so wanted to try something new.

Inspired by the lovely Rebecca of Edamay, her cushion adorns Sophie's bedroom, we cut out our own flower template, had a rummage through Sophie's fabric stash and started sewing!

We ran out of time on Wednesday to finish and I was too busy yesterday but we will finish and reveal our little make!

Poor Sam, on the other hand has had to knuckle down to some homework, lots of it. It's a SATS year for him but in 4 weeks time it will all be over!!

50% Friday gets the *****Star treatment today 
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Have a good weekend - we're forecast for a soggy one here in Somerset but a little warmer I hope!

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Miss Nova Designs said...

Looks lovely! Cannot wait till my daughter is old enough to do the same with.x