Tuesday, 9 April 2013

We have a little problem!

It was brought to my attention this morning by one of our lovely customers that 'some' of our packs of new stickers, only contain 2 sheets of stickers rather than the 6 displayed on the label.

Oh dear! 
I went straight over to the premises and it would seem that one of my little team has only packed 2 sheets of stickers rather than the 6 sheets each pack should have.

I have spent my morning opening up all the stock packs and re-packing them correctly with the 6 sheets they should have. We will contact every trade customer who has ordered from us within the time frame where this little problem has occurred. We will send you replacements for any pack which has been packed incorrectly.

If you have bought from our website and have been affected please do email us and we will send out a replacement. There is only a small window of error so I'm hoping not too many people will have been affected.

Our email address is info@dotsandspots.co.uk please tell us your order number, the colour and quantity of pack you ordered with your address details and we will send out a replacement.

If you have one of the rogue packs, please accept my apologies and I will do my best to sort it out.

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