Sunday, 20 October 2013

Tut! Tut!

A little pep talk to myself!

I have been a little naughty since the Summer, the walking has not happened very regularly and the odd treat is being enjoyed far too often. 
Sometimes you get to that tipping point when you say say to yourself 'enough is enough!'

Well I had that moment yesterday, the realisation that a few too many pounds were starting to creep back on and it was time to take charge. As you know I lost 3 stone last year and I am very cross that I have allowed nearly a stone to creep back on over the past 9 months. 
So, I am going to re-focus - eat better, walk and get back on track!!
I WILL have achieved my goal by next Summer.
I WILL!!!!
Shout at me if I start posting pics of tasty treats!


Andie said...

Hi Becky, I know exercise is a good thing but there was a nutritionist on the BBC news this morning who advised making portions smaller over a four week period to allow the body to adjust. Apparently it is easy to fool our bodies this way! Perhaps if you combined this technique with the walking, you would get the results you are looking for without feeling like you are missing out. With the weight you lost last year you should be spurred on by the fact YOU CAN DO IT! X

Anonymous said...

Hi Becky
I started walking regularly a few years ago and I promise you that it makes a significant difference to your weight when combined with healthier eating (with treats built in, of course!).
Once you start walking regularly it kinda becomes addictive. I feel like I am climbing the walls if I dont get out for at least one walk a day. YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mandy x

dots and spots said...

Thanks Andie - great advise - any help greatly received

dots and spots said...

Thanks Mandy - I know what you mean - last year I walked every day but have let it slip since the children went back to school - although I did get out between the showers today and am determined to get motivated again