Monday, 16 December 2013

All wrapped up!

 The Matchmakers are open, so I can now officially announce
 "It's Christmas!"

After an extremely busy day working in Maddie Brown on Saturday, I stayed at home all day on Sunday with a mission to wrap as many presents as I could. And I did really well. I managed to wrap all the presents except for the children's, which I will do on Thursday, before they break up from school.

I must confess wrapping pressies is the best bit. With Christmas music blasting out of the CD player and no interruptions, I'm in a good place.

So just a few more days before the children break up. Orders are still 'pinging' in and I have a few dates booked in Maddie Brown which will be fun, as most people are feeling jolly and festive. 

I hope your festive preparations are going well. 
We still have wrap, tape, spotty bags etc available if you are stuck.

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