Monday, 30 December 2013

Personal 2013 Review of the Year

Well what a year 2013 turned out to be.

Two words best describe it 'eventful' and unexpected'

We have certainly been tested this year but I'm happy to say that as a family unit, we have come out stronger the other side. Jeff was made redundant, the children both started new schools, both cars were written off - the fault of the other driver in both cases (an expensive time), my Dad fought a little battle of his own and my Granny turned 90!
 Here's a little look back over my year.


 January was freezing cold with lots of snow, the only good bit was seeing my lovely little house featured in 25 Beautiful Homes magazine.


 February was bitterly cold and behind the scenes we were dealt a bombshell, Jeff had been told that his job was at risk of redundancy. Comfort food was the order of the day!

  March was the worst month - Jeff 's redundancy was confirmed. It's such a horrible word 'redundant' and it was such a horrible time for us all. You can accept redundancy when it is fair and right. Sadly this was not the case and the Unions were involved and an Appeal Process took place.


 April was a decidedly chilly month - we escaped to Cornwall for some fresh sea air to clear our heads and think what to do. I've never known it to be so cold. 
Our house was featured again, this time in Period Homes and Interiors Magazine - it feels special to see your home in a glossy magazine.


 Our holiday in May to Ibiza was to be a God-send - the timing couldn't have been more perfect.
Things with Jeff rapidly came to an end at his school and as a result of the Appeal Process, I found myself with him at home, on fully paid 'Gardening Leave' for the Summer. Thankfully he had a new temporary job to go to in September and somehow, we were now able to start to put the horrible turn of events behind us. 


  June turned out to be a splendid month - the weather was glorious and I must say Jeff sat smugly at home, enjoying the sunny weather, swimming in the local lido daily instead of working. Sophie had made the brave decision to move schools and settled in fantastically. Finally things felt much more positive.


 July saw Sam leave his Primary school. He loved his time at Ditcheat but was ready to move on. He did very well in his SATS and left the school a much more confident boy.
July was also a big celebration month - my Granny celebrated her 90th Birthday.


 August was a time to regroup. As a family we embarked on a little fitness campaign, with daily walks, swimming sessions at the local lido and we all tried to get as much fresh air as possible. We enjoyed a few days away in Cornwall, where Sam celebrated his 11th Birthday. Part of his present was to spruce up his room and give it a little make-over fitting for an older boy. Sophie and I also enjoyed a little trip to Bristol to see Hairspray - it was fantastic.


 September was all about new beginnings. Jeff started his new job in Bath. Sam started at his new Secondary School and Sophie started in Year 9. I also started a new little job, helping out my friend in her shop - Maddie Brown and I've loved it.



 October was a mixed month. My Dad went into hospital to have an operation, the dreaded 'C' word was mentioned but thankfully the Consultants are happy that all cancerous tissue was removed and regular check-up's were now only needed. A huge relief for us all.

Jeff got some excellent news - he got a PERMANENT Full Time job, teaching Maths at Millfield, which he starts next week. To say we were happy would be an under statement. Finally we could see some good, come out of the horrible events at the start of the year.

Sophie and I also enjoyed a trip to the Country Living Christmas Fair and a jolly to see Mamma Mia!


November saw Sophie celebrate her 14th Birthday - she's growing up fast.
We also saw Sam's tooth! Those that follow the blog will know it's been a long time coming!


 And now to December - this has been a busy month for me work wise but we have also enjoyed some much needed family time together and a have just returned from a lovely Christmas in Cornwall. 

I have loved looking back through the blog and all the photo's on Instagram - my year in pictures. 


So 2014, what have you in store for us all?

I hope it's not as eventful as 2013 - I feel we all need a calm, steady year. I would like a couple of things to happen but I'm not going to tempt fate and share them with you yet. 

We have a holiday to Majorca already booked to look forward to, so the food and fitness campaign begins again! (when doesn't it!?!) 

This past year has reminded me of how important 'Family' is. We have survived this year because we are a close, supportive family. In testing times, we have come together and have come out the other side stronger and more together. 


A little happy place said...

Becky, what a busy year you have yet, full of highs and lows, yet ending full of promise!! I wish you all the very best both at home and at work in 2014!! Sarah xo

JustClaire Chicken Doorstops said...

Hi Becky, What a year, I'm so pleased things are looking up and 2014 promises to have a great start. All the best to you and your family, Louise, JustClaire Chicken Doorstops x x