Sunday, 8 December 2013

Getting ready.....

Yesterday was my only Saturday off in 7 weeks, so I decided to clean the house!!!
It was the annual family trip to Longleat but I thought I'd be working and didn't have a ticket, so I bundled everyone off and then tackled my tip of a house.

Every year I go mad and give the place a really good clean before a single decoration goes up. The sofa's come out, the windows get washed - chaos .......

......but worth it.
I now have a blank canvas to decorate.
Sophie is insisting on getting the tree out and putting on the lights this year, so the tree and decorating will have to be done in the week after school.

I'm off to work over in Maddie Brown today. It's the Reindeer Parade in Wells so could be quite busy. At least I'll have this to come home to and a clean and tidy house.

Have a lovely Sunday.

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Tammy Chrzan said...

You have a gorgeous home!
I just saw your mushroom ornament, I want a mushroom ornament too, but I'm afraid they are not a popular thing here in the States, I'll have to snatch one up next time I'm in England xx
I hope you're having a wonderful week,