Sunday, 8 December 2013

The tree is up!

I left for work this morning but before doing so, put up my star wreath on the door.

The Reindeer Parade in Wells was really busy - so nice to see so many people out and about supporting the city and the very lovely Maddie Brown.

I did however manage to slope away a little earlier than planned. So as soon as I walked through the door, it was mission 'decorate tree'!! I had 2 very willing helpers, who have learnt their decorating skills over the years from the master lol, so I left it up to them this year.......

.......and what a fantastic job they did too.

The toadstool decorations were a great new addition.

Not to be beaten by the tree lights, the sky gave a stunning display tonight too.

So my view from the sofa for the next few weeks is not going to be too bad.


Lisa said...

Your tree looks lovely. You have such a prettily decorated house.
Lisa x

Judith said...

Looks very cosy!
Enjoy this time of the season!

Nadine Thomas said...

I love your tree, I remember yours from last year. So twinkly!!

LindyLaine said...

Your tree looks wonderful! I hope my son will get mine down from the loft when he comes over tomorrow.

dots and spots said...

I think the secret to a good tree is the lights - we have 600 warm white lights on our tree. makes it very twinkly x

Primroses Attic said...

Love your tree. It is so pretty.
The pic of your dining room looks so cosy.