Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Design time

Daffodils for me are the real deal that Spring is on it's way. I buy them from now until late March to brighten up the place and constantly remind myself that better weather is on the way.

This time last week I found myself with a little free time on my hands - such a treat as I've not had a minute since September. So I decided to sketch some daffodils and have a play.

I then choose some suitable papers and

ripped out the various parts.

and ta-da! the finished design. 
I'm using it on my 'thank you for shopping' postcards this time but it is my plan this year to get back some more time to design and play. Collaging is the bit I loved most, which has sadly got lost along the way as the business got busier.

So I'm going to find time to design for fun not for product. I want to get back the enjoyment of just playing with paper and seeing what develops and evolves at the end, rather that always having a final product design in mind.

As the weather is so awful, it really isn't a chore to spend the day cosied up in my studio, radio on, heater on and a constant stream of hot coffee on tap. Let's hope the creative juices are flowing too.


joy said...

I really, really love your range Becky, but my only (very slight) criticism would be the limited colour range. So it's lovely to see you designing with yellow, orange and green, and hope you get to have some "fun" designing time to yourself.
Joy x x

Anonymous said...

You have such talent Becky! I hope you find time to work on some non pressure sketching. Enjoy! Mandy x

Lisa said...

Two beautiful new designs. The snowdrop is so simple but so effective.
Lisa x