Thursday, 27 February 2014

Farewell February

How can February already be over? Tomorrow is the last day of the month. It's been lovely to see a little bit more sunshine in the last week or so but it's been bitterly cold. I'm still making sure I have plenty of flowers around to lift my spirits.

February is always a quieter month than those previous. Once the SALE ends at the end of January, things become noticeably quieter. In previous years we would have been making up show orders and prepping madly for the next big show but this year things are different.

As I mentioned before, we are taking a year off from the shows and I have also decided to take a year off the 'work treadmill'. I had got to the stage where I was designing to a deadline and all the creative fun element to my work had gone.

So I'm taking a 'year out' to rediscover the 'fun' bit. The 'bit' where dots and spots started. I'm not going to be pressured to design a finished product, instead I'm going to design and play and see where it takes me.

We have plenty of things in our shop to tempt you with and we will be adding a couple of new things which are already planned. 50% FRIDAY will still give you that 'bargain' every week and I will have time to rediscover the bit I love most 'playing with paper'. Roll on March!

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