Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Rain, rain.....

....go away!

As I said before in an earlier post, the only way to get through this wet, soggy Winter is to fill my home with flowers and daffodils at just a pound a bunch are doing a great job at bringing a little sunshine into my day.

Although yesterday, I received this gorgeous bouquet from Scented Narcissi a company based on the Isles of Scilly as a thank you for sending over some samples.

As the name suggests, the scent is divine and what a burst of cheer.

I'm also getting through this awful weather by keeping busy. A palette of spotty bags arrived today - over 20,000 needing a home. We sold so many over the festive season so I'm hoping these will keep me going for a while.

I grabbed a quick walk around the park in between the showers after lunch, the stream is close to flooding over again. The ground simply can't take much more of this. I truly feel for those affected by the flooding, the rain has been relentless and sadly there seems more is on it's way.

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