Saturday, 22 March 2014

Day off!

So today is my day off - I work 2 Saturdays then have a week off. It started well, the sun was shining and I had breakfast out in the garden. I then decided to walk down to town with the mail bags but in the process managed to pull my calf again, such that I had to hobble home! It's so frustrating!!!! 

I am so not a good patient, in fact I'm not 'patient'! I want to be up, doing, walking, being busy - not sat with a bag of peas strapped to my leg. I desperately don't won't to sabotage the good work that I've put in so far, especially as the scales showed half a stone weight loss this morning.

I know patience - sigh!

Have a lovely weekend x

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Anonymous said...

I feel your frustration, really I do. Hang on in there. Well done on your weight loss. So annoying when you on a roll then out of action. Stay positive until you can get going again. In the meantime focus on your wonderful drawing and design talent.
Mandy x